Rain Collecting

One of the main challenges in a rain water collection system design is how to collect only CLEAN water, and remove the debris, pollen and dust that collects on roofs. This is especially problematic in dusty windy areas like Austin and the surrounding Hill Country in Texas.

Other rain collection systems funnel the rain from the roof through coarse filters which do not remove the smallest particles and must be constantly cleaned to prevent reduction of water flow. At best this approach is minimally effective but requires a lot of maintenance.

A much better solution is to enable the first few minutes of rain to wash away the majority of the contaminants PRIOR to being stored in the water tanks. This is what Raincollectingfor.me’s patented rain collection system does. The home owner sets the amount of rain to be used for cleaning prior to directing the clean recovered rain to the storage system. A rain gauge on top of the roof measures the quantity of rain received by the roof. After the preset amount of rain has fallen to clean the roof, the system redirects the clean water flow to the storage tanks.


RainCollectingFor.Me in Action

The rain collection system is the perfect addition at our latest Parade of Homes site in Serene Hills.

It is designed to provide pool and yard water for this property, effectively saving thousands of dollars!

Simple Installation

We’ve built this solution so it’s easy for the homeowner to install, or we can do that for you!

CONTACT US today for more information on how to get the RainCollectingFor.Me’s rain collecting system, and take advantage of nature’s gifts.

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